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2006 News

December 31 ASFA Phancy runs in her first ASFA trial with an entry of 5 open PHs and 4 FChs.  She wins the opens stake and is also BOB, earning her first points.
December 30 ASFA Phancy runs with her Auntie Em and gains her precertification under ASFA.
December 28   Sassy's Birthday # 11.  Congratulations old girl. 

 December 25


Merry Christmas.  Litter #1 puppies are now 16 months old.

 November 25


Litter #1 puppies are now 15 months old.

 October 28,29


Phlirt, Phoebe, Phoenix and Phaith went to visit a field trial this weekend.  They got to meet lots of new people, new dogs and the white plastic bunny.  What fun!!!

 October 25


Litter #1 puppies are now 14 months old.

October 22   Phaedra and Rick attended a George Alston Seminar and had a great time.  Phaedra and Rick got the coveted "Most Improved" Ribbon and also won 4th place in the final show for the beginners class.  Way to go Phaedra and Rick.

October 1


Phaedra, CharmedWons Betcha I Can, had a wonderful day at the Westbury KC in Oyster Bay, NY.    In the competitive hound group being judged by Javier Sanchez, Phaedra was one of only five dogs to make the cut.  While she didn't get a group placement, she did set a "1st" for CharmedWons - making the cut in the adult hound group.

September 25


Litter # 1 puppies are now 13 months old.

September 11


Phrodo, CharmedWons Becomes a Legend, moved to his forever home in South Carolina with his new owner, Pamela Deal.  He will be missed at CharmedWons, but he should have a wonderful time with his new housemates.

September 9


PHCA Eastern Specialty in North Branch, NJ: CharmedWons has their first breed champion...Phancy was Winners Bitch from the open class.  She is now...Ch CharmedWons Phlash of Bling.  Congratulations to Phancy and to her owner and handler, Brianna.

September 7


PHCA National in North Branch, NJ:  Phoenix was Best in Puppy Sweeps in an entry of 19 puppies (9 dogs and 10 bitches).  He then went into the Hound Puppy Sweeps Group and took a Group 3.  What a thrill !!

August 26


I got a wonderful birthday present today, Ms. Phancy was WB and BOS for her 3rd major in Atlanta Georgia, putting her up to 12 points.

August 25


Puppies are 1 year old today.  Happy birthday to Shield, Tee, Allie, Boy 1, Five, Boy 2 and Little One (aka Phancy, Phaedra, Phaie, Phrodo, Phaith, Phoenix and Phoebe).

July 25


Puppies turned 11 months old today.

July 23


Hudson River Valley Hound Association:  Phancy was Best in PH Puppy Sweeps at the PHCA supported entry and then went on to take a Group 2 in the Puppy Sweeps Group. My Phoenix was BOS in the PH Puppy Sweeps. What a wonderful weekend.  Of the 26 points and 6 majors available, CharmedWons took home 16 points and 4 majors.  Yipee...

July 22


Putnam KC: Phoebe was WB for the 4 point major; Phoenix was WD and BOW for the 4 point major. Momma Phlirt was BOS. Entry was 3-5-(1-1)

July 21


Putnam KC: Phancy was WB and BOS (over her mother, Phlirt) for the 4 point major;   Phoenix was WD and BOW for the 4 point major. Entry was 2-5-(2-1)

July 1


Hockamock KC: Phrodo was PH Best Puppy and then went on to take a Group 4 in the Hound Puppy Group.

June 25


Staten Island KC: Phrodo was WD and BOB.  Phoenix was RWD.  Phaedra was WB.  Entry: 2-1- (0)

Puppies turned 10 months old today.

It's been 1 year since my boy Phantom died.  Cuddling with the puppies helps, but I can't help but cry for him.  I miss you Phantom.

May 28


Plainfield KC: Phoebe was WB, BOW and BOS (over a special) for a 4 point major.

May 25


Puppies turned 9 months old today!!

May 20


Ladies Kennel Assc. of America:  Phoebe was WB for 1 point and Phrodo was WD, BOW and BOB over a special for 1 point.  Entry:  2-1-(0)

May 8


Delaware Water Gap: Phaith is WB and BOS for 1 point.  Entry was 0-2-(1-0).

May 7


Trenton KC:  Phoebe makes her show debut and wins WB and BOW for a 3 point major.

April 25


Puppies turned 8 months old today!!

March 25


Phoenix makes his show debut and wins WD and BOW for his first points, a 3 point major.  This was my first time in the bred-by class with one of my pups.  How exciting!!

Puppies turned 7 months old today!!

Feb 25


Phlirt came into season.  She will not be bred as this is her first season after the birth of her puppies.  See upcoming litter for more on Phlirt's next litter.

Puppies turned 6 months old today!!!