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12/28/95 - 6/9/09


  • Adopted from a local SPCA in February 1996.  She was 5 pounds when I brought her home.  I was told she was 8 weeks old and a Pomeranian/Terrier Mix and she would be 10-15 pounds as an adult. Well........ she is 60-65 pounds and I believe she is a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever/?? Mix.


  • Because of her color and ears, I had many folks question whether she was a Pharaoh Hound mix before I even knew what a Pharaoh hound was.  I don't believe she is, but I don't really know what she is a mixture of, but she is a wonderful companion and has seen me through a lot.  I often refer to her as my "Old Shep", always nearby or at my side.  According to an animal communicator she is an old soul and has seen a lot. She is very in tune with my feelings and seems to know how to comfort me when I need it.


  • A wonderful "Aunt" Sassy to all the Pharaoh hound puppies, tending to them when their Mom needs a break.  She enjoys teaching the pups to play tug and to retrieve the ball.  She isn't much of a disciplinarian to the pups, as I believe she will always be a puppy at heart and she doesn't like being the "heavy"--- it's no fun.


  • Sassy crossed rainbow bridge after a diagnosis of cancer of the scapula.  She was a wonderful companion for 13.5 years and will be dearly missed by me and the Pharaohs that she helped to raise.  Run and play pain-free girl with your boy Phantom.  Find yourself a new rosebush to lie under and I will look for you there. 


Sassy in July 06

Close up and personal :-)

Sassy can do "show dog" too.