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Multi-Best In Field, UKC Champion and AKC Field Champion

CharmedWons Betcha I Can SC MC CD RN SGRC FCh JOR CGC


(Multi-European Champion Antefa's Minas Tirith x DC Sunwind Sovrin Scheherazade)


 Owner: Debbie and Rick King (PHCA Members), New York

Date Whelped - August 25, 2005 (conceived via frozen AI)

10 Generation Inbreeding Coefficient = 11.4% (n=1903)

6 Generation Inbreeding Coefficient = 6.6% (n=127)

OFA Hips -  Good

Knees -  No Patellar Luxation

Elbows  - not yet tested

Dentition - Complete

Thyroid Level - Normal

Allergies - None

Diet - Raw (Whole-Prey Model) - 3rd Generation

Vaccinations - Minimal

Microchipped: Avid Euro


Statistics thus far....

AKC Lure coursing: MC; 14 LCX points, 1 BIF

ASFA Lure coursing: 20 LCM points, 1 BIF

LGRA: GRC and SGRC titled with 36.75 National GRC points

NOTRA: JOR; 2.5 ORC and 2.5 NORC point; 2 legs toward SOR

Rally Advanced: 2 qualifying legs

Open Obedience: 0 qualifying legs toward her CDX



Phaedra's Great Accomplishments:

  •  1st CharmedWons pup to make the cut in the hound group at only 13 months of age.

  •  Phaedra earns a 5 point major at her 1st AKC Lure Coursing Trial in NY.  What a start!!!

  •  Phaedra earns her UKC Championship in 1 weekend (4 shows) in Bridgeton, NJ in July 2007.  Rick and Phaedra are a fantastic team.

  •  1st CharmedWons pup to earn her AKC Field Championship title in Sept 2007 with three 5 point majors.

  •  1st CharmedWons pup to earn an AKC BEST IN FIELD (BIF) in Sept 2007.

  •  Phaedra is #1 PH (tied) for LGRA in 2007!!!

  • 2nd CharmedWons pup to earn her Rally Novice (RN) title.  What smart kids they are......

  • 2nd CharmedWons pup to earn her ASFA FCh title.

  • 1st CharmedWons pup to earn a racing title - Gazehound Racing Champion, in November 2008.

  • 1st CharmedWons pup to earn her Master Courser title.

  • 1st CharmedWons pup to earn her CD obedience title in May 2010.


Phaedra's Pedigree


Phaedra's Photogallery:


Baby Phaedra

Phaedra being very cute.

Phaedra WB and 1st two points

Phaedra at home, relaxing.

Phaedra confidently walking low dog walk

Phaedra on pause table

Phaedra learning tube in agility

Phaedra learning weave poles.

Phaedra doing what she LOVES to do--chase bunnies inthe backyard

Phaedra at AKC coursing, waiting for Tally-ho

Phaedra coursing