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Phortune wins back-to-back Group 3 in Wrightstown, PA on May30/31.


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"Excellence and Versatility By Design"

Health Tested, Selective Planned Breedings, Natural Nutrition, Positive Training and Predominantly Owner Handling


Pharaoh Hound owner since 1999

Pharaoh Hound Club of America (PHCA) Approved Breeder since 2005

Recipient of the 2010 and 2013 AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Awards from Valley Forge KC

AKC Breeder of Merit since 2011


RECENT NEWS and STATS - May - June 2015

  • June 26:

    • Hockamock KC.  Entry 7-4-(2-6).  Phortune earns Select Bitch again for a 5 point GCH major under Judge Candace Way.


  • June25:

    • Wampanoag KC.  Entry 3-2-(2-5).  Phortune is our sole CharmedWons representative at the Eastern Specialty weekend in Wrentham, MA.  Today she was Select Bitch for a 4 point GCH major under Judge Allen Pepper.

    • Today it's been 10 years since I lost my wonderful Phantom.  Miss you Baboo.


  • June 21:

    • Mid-Hudson Kennel Association. Entry 1-0-(0-1).  Phortune wins BOB and makes the cut in group.  She earns 1 GCH point today.


  • May 31:

    • Burlington County KC.  Entry 1-1-(0-3).  Phortune wins BOB and a 4 point major toward her GCh.  Phortune then earns another Group 3.  Way to go - Back to back Group 3s - Wohooooo.  Breed/Group judge - Karen Arends.


  • May 30:

    • Huntindon Hills KC: Entry 0-0-(0-2).  Phortune wins BOB and 1 point toward her GCh.  Phortune then earns a Group 3.  Congratulations Tom/Angela and Kendall.  Breed judge - Daniel Smythe.  Group judge - Candace Way.


  • May 22

    • Trumball County KC:  Entry was 0-0-(1-1).  Phortune wins BOB and 1 point toward her GCh title.  Breed judge - Priscilla Gabosch.


  • May 13: 

    • Happy 4th Birthday to CharmedWons Litter #4:  Phlair and Phloke  (out of Bubby x Phancy)


  • May 4:

    • Phelix crossed Rainbow Bridge today.  He will be greatly missed.  If Love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.


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