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"Phrodo", now known as "Phinnian"


CharmedWons Becomes A Legend JC


(Multi-European Champion Antefa's Minas Tirith x DC Sunwind Sovrin Scheherazade SC)


Owner: Patrick D., Bensalem, PA

Date Whelped - August 25, 2005 (conceived via frozen AI)

10 Generation Inbreeding Coefficient = 11.4% (n=1903)

6 Generation Inbreeding Coefficient = 6.6% (n=127)

OFA Hips -  not tested  

Knees -  No Patellar Luxation

Dentition - Complete

Thyroid Level - untested

Allergies - None

Diet - Raw (Whole-Prey Model) - 3rd Generation

Vaccinations - Minimal

Microchipped - Avid Euro


Statistics thus far....

AKC Breed: 10 points (1 major)

AKC Lure coursing: 5 points; 3 SC qualifying scores


Phinnian's Great Accomplishments:

  • 1st CharmedWons pup to earn a group placement (Group 4) in a Puppy Hound Group at an All-breed show.


Phinn has joined his new forever home.  He has a wonderful new human to be spoiled and loved by.  He will be taking lots of walks in his gentle leader harness, playing with his chuck-it in the back yard, taking some obedience classes and being a great companion for Patrick.  I am so thrilled for his new home where he will be loved and cherished.



Phinnian's Pedigree



Phinnian's Photogallery

Phinnian at Brianna's house in Feb 07

Phinnian's win in Atlanta. WD for 2 more points in Feb 07.

Phinnian wins his 1st major (going WD and BOW) in Atlanta in Feb 07.

Phinn running his 2nd JC run