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Litter #5 - Whelped 20 December 2013   

          On 20 December 2013, the next litter at CharmedWons was whelped- this is my 5th litter and we were blessed with 8 girls and 1 boy, all vigorous and beautiful.  


         The dam of this litter is PhuturePhuture is from the CharmedWons Phlirt x Sonic litter.  She  is a very smart and energetic girl who is 24 inches at the whithers and has quite a bit of substance.  She is very balanced with nice angulation and moves very nicely (quite light on her feet).    She has a very high prey drive and loves to hunt the back yard.  She is also very biddable and enjoys training (rally and nosework).  Phuture is very sweet and loves to cuddle across my lap or curled up in the crook of my knees.   She has been health tested normal (OFA excellent hips, normal knees, normal thyroid and normal eyes) and has her CHIC number.


        The sire of this litter is Phillip Phillip is from the CharmedWons Phaith x Sirus litter.   He is a more refined male, almost 24 inches at the withers (standard is 23-25inches).  He is a super elegant, dark tan male with a lovely outline both on the move and standing.  Phillip has great movement and an extremely beautiful head and expression.  He is a very sweet, smart, calm and an easy-to-have Pharaoh hound.  Phillip also has been health tested normal (OFA good hips, normal knees, normal thyroid and normal eyes) and has his CHIC number pending.


       This combination is a tight linebreeding on my foundation bitch, Phlirt as well as to the wonderful dog, Ramsan, sire to both Sonic and Sirus.    Phlirt was the product of an outcross - American x Swedish Pharaoh Hound bloodlines.  Phlirt is currently 12.5 years of age and has been very healthy (she also has her CHIC number).  She has her versatility title - she is titled in conformation, rally obedience, straight racing, oval racing and lure coursing.  Phlirt is also the only living ROMX which is based on her wonderfully versatile pups and their accomplishments.  Ramsan (Farao Anubis Ramses), a Swedish-born Pharaoh Hound, was also the product of an outcross and produced some of the top-winning Pharaoh hounds in the world.   He has also earned multiple titles and his ROM based on his pups' accomplishments.  Ramsan was quite healthy during his lifetime and lived to 14 years, 3 months.


      Besides the parents and grandparents of this littler, the other prominent Pharaoh hounds in this litter's pedigree are Enigma Sovereign Journey (Eli), Khufus Sunwind Navidad (Lotus), Kbir-Ramses El Kabul (Kbir), Enigma Shining Hickory (Napi) and Enigma Sophia (Sucki).  See the pedigree below the pictures.  For a pictorial pedigree, click here.


        If you are interested in a lovely, moderate, healthy, correctly angulated Pharaoh Hound puppy from this litter with a great temperament, please complete my puppy questionnaire and return to me either by email or snail mail.  Completion of the questionnaire does not guarantee you a puppy.  A few of these puppies are already spoken for, but show/performance or pet/performance homes will be considered. 



UKC RBIS, AKC Puppy Group Winning, UKC & AKC Ch

Charmedwons Stars N Stripes Forever



UKC and AKC Ch CharmedWons Que-Sera-Sera


"Phillip" "Phuture"  



Hips - Good

Knees, Thyroid, Eyes - all Normal

Hips - Excellent

Knees, Thyroid, Eyes - all Normal

  Phillip 25.00% 1              
  Phuture 25.00% 1           Fallohide King Ramses  
  Phlirt 18.75% 2,3         Kbir Ramses El-Kabul    
  Ramsan 15.63% 3,3,4           Shema's Khantessa  
  Sirus 12.50% 2              
  Phaith 12.50% 2        Farao Anubis Ramses   Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa    
  Sonic 12.50% 2         Enigma Shining Hickory    
  Eli 9.38% 3,4            Enigma Sophia  
  Lotus 9.38% 3,4     Hallam's Busirus Ra Qena        
  Kbir 7.81% 4,4,5         Merymut Achilles    
  Napi 7.81% 4,4,5       Kamaraj Qena Saqqara      
  Sucki 7.81% 4,5,5,5         Beltara's Itz Mitz    
  Qena 6.25% 3   Phillip          
  Tirith 6.25% 3           K'bir Ramses El-Kabul  
  Samba 6.25% 3          Farao Anubis Ramses    
                  Enigma Shining Hickory  
              Antefa's Minas Tirith       
                  Antefa's Hakem  
                Puressence Dandaloo Doowi    
                  Antefa's Joppedi Joppedi  
            CharmedWons Blessed B         
                  Antefa's Hapi  
                Enigma Sovereign Journey    
                  Enigma Sophia  
              Sunwinds Sovrin Scheherazade      
                  Sunwinds Tet Neim Khu Bennu  
                Khufu's Navidad Sunwind    
                  Khufu's Will-O'-The Wisp  
                  Fallohide King Ramses  
                Kbir Ramses El-Kabul    
                  Shema's Khantessa  
          Farao Anubis Ramses      
              Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa    
            Enigma Shining Hickory    
               Enigma Sophia  
        Nefer-Temu Mia Sambasonic        
              Beltara's Pantooset Oberon    
            Shema's Mia Spellbound    
               Shema's Khara Mia  
          Shema Mia Sizzling Samba      
              Shema's Ghazzi Khan    
            Shema's Mia Ghost Dancer    
               Shema's Khara Mia  
              Merymut Adonis    
            Antefa's Hapi    
              Antefa's Farah Dibah  
          Enigma Sovereign Journey      
              Merymut Adonis    
            Enigma Sophia    
              Enigma Saphira  
        Sunwinds Sovrin Scheherazade        
              Wadjets Windwest the Wanderer  
            Sunwinds Tet Neim Khu Bennu    
              Sunwinds Great Enchantress  
          Khufu's Navidad Sunwind      
              Shema's Tajmar Sankh-Ka-Re  
            Khufu's Will-O'-The Wisp    
                  K'Azar Tal Moonlight Farrah  



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