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Litter # 2  Litter

Whelped - January 14, 2008

3 Puppies - 2 bitches and 1 dog

Litter # 2 Family

My second litter was born January 14th, 2008.   The sire of the litter is the stunning and accomplished Ch Nefer-Temu Mia Sambasonic JC, "Sonic", and the dam is my beautiful girl, "Phlirt".  Because Phlirt is the product of an outcross (Swedish sire x American dam), I decided to select for her 2nd litter, a stud dog that complimented the American 1/2 of her pedigree.  The perfect choice was Sonic.  This was a frozen transcervical AI breeding with a 10 generation COI of 11%

Thank you Emily and Sarah Kerridge (Kennel Nefer-Temu) for breeding the wonderful Sonic.  Thank you again to Judy Rucker (Sunwind Pharaohs) for your help with the whelping of this wonderful litter and all your assistance along the way.

                          "Sonic"                                               "Phlirt"                       


      Multi-AKC Group Winning/Placing, Multi AOM                                UKC-Reserve BIS, Multi AOM, AKC Group Placing,
                        AKC Dual Champion                                                             UKC-Ch , CKC Champion, AKC Dual Champion

                Nefer-Temu Mia SambaSonic                                                      SUNWINDS SOVRIN SCHEHERAZADE
           SC RA ROM VCX CHIC                                                SC RN JOR ORC GRC ORM FCh HIC ROMX VC CHIC



   Puppies All Champion Pedigree:     


Ch Fallohide King Ramses

COI10 = 21.2%


Ch Kbir Ramses El-Kabul

COI10 = 4.2%


Ch Shema's Khantessa

COI10 = 13.4%

DC Farao Anubis Ramses

COI10 = 10.2%

    Ch Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa

COI10 = 6%


Ch Enigma Shining Hickory

COI10 = 10.2%


Ch Enigma Sophia

COI10 = 13.3%

DC Nefer-Temu Mia Sambasonic


COI10 = 10.5%


Ch Beltara's Pantoonset Oberon

COI10 = 11.7%


Ch Shema's Mia Spellbound

COI10 = 14.6%


Ch Shema's Khara Mia

COI10 = 29.7%


DC Shema's Mia Sizzling Samba


COI10 = 33.1%


Ch Shema's Ghazzi Khan

COI10 = 13.4%


Ch Shema's Mia Ghost Dancer

COI10 = 37.6%


Ch Shema's Khara Mia

COI10 = 29.7%

Litter # 2

COI10 = 11%


Ch Merymut Adonis

COI10 = 12.6%


Ch Antefa's Hapi

COI10 = 11.7%


Ch Antefa's Farah Dibah

COI10 = 8.3%


Ch Enigma Sovereign Journey


COI10 = 24.3%


Ch Merymut Adonis

COI10 = 12.6%


Ch Enigma Sophia

COI10 = 13.3%


Ch Enigma Saphira

COI10 = 8.8%

DC Sunwinds Sovrin Scheherazade ROMX, VC

COI10 = 5.2%


Ch Wadjet Windwest the Wanderer

COI10 = 29.4%


Ch Sunwinds Tet Neim Khu Bennu

COI10 = 14.7%


Ch Sunwind's Great Enchantress


COI10 = 13.2%

DC Khufu's Navidad Sunwind

COI10 = 20.9%


Ch Shema's Tajmar Sankh-Ka-Re

COI10 = 20.3%


Ch Khufu's Will-O'-The Wisp

COI10 = 16.8%


Ch K'Azar Tal Moonlight Farrah

COI10 = 10.9%