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CharmedWons Accomplishments for 2013

"14 Years in Pharaoh Hounds"


American Kennel Club (AKC)

Phillip earned his AKC Championship title - he's the 10th CharmedWons Breed Champion



LGRA (straight racing)

Phaedra is #2 this year. Phelix and Phoenix are #11 this year.


Lure Coursing

American Kennel Club (AKC)

Phelix earns his QC and his SC

Phelix earns 1 Best In Field (BIF)


Phelix earns his Field Champion title.

Phelix earns 1 Best In Field (BIF) and 1 Best In Event (BIE)


 Obedience and Rally

APDT Rally

Phelix finished his APDT RL1X (level 1 championship) title

C-WAGS Rally

Phelix finished his Game Level 1 title (CW-G1)!


Phelix earns his Beginners Novice (BN) title.



Health Screening

Phlirt, Phaith, Phoebe, Phuture, and Phoenix have their CHICs.  Phillip is CHIC qualified.

All of my brood bitches have their CHICs: Phlirt, Phaith, and Phancy.  

Of special note, Phlirt is the first ROMX and CHIC Pharaoh Hound.

NoseWork Phuture earns her ORT on birch



Litter #5

Phuture x Phillip:  9 beautiful puppies (8 girls and 1 boy) were born December 20, 2013.


For 2014, watch for CharmedWons at all of the above PLUS


         Oval racing