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CharmedWons Accomplishments for 2007


American Kennel Club (AKC)

v      Three earned their Championship titles Phaie, Phoebe and PhoenixPhaie and Phoebe finished with 4 majors.  Phoenix finished with 3 majors.

v      Phinnian earned his first major and has 8 points total.

v      Two qualified for the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Phancy as a Top 25 Qualifier and Phoenix as a Bred-By Exhibitor.

v      Phancy finished as # 13 Pharaoh Hound (#3 bitch) all owner handled with limited showing.

United Kennel Club (UKC)

v      Three earned their Championship titles Phancy, Phaedra and Phoenix.

v      Phlirt won a Group 1 and two Group 2s

v      Phancy won three Group 1s and a Best In Show

v      Phlirt is ranked #2 Pharaoh Hound

v      Phancy is ranked #4 Pharaoh Hound

Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

v      Phlirt earned her Championship title.

v      Phoenix earned 9 points (needs just 1 more).

v      At the Hound Specialty Show in Caledonia, Ontario, Phlirt won Best Brood Bitch in Show and Phoenix won Best Bred-By in Show.



AKC Rally

v      Phancy earned her Rally Novice (RN) title and has also earned 2 qualifying scores toward her Rally Advanced (RA) title.

v      Phaedra has earned 2 qualifying scores toward her Rally Novice (RN) title.


Lure Coursing

AKC Lure Coursing

v      6 earned their JC Certifications Phancy, Phaedra, Phaie, Phoenix, Phinnian and Phoebe.

v      2 earned their SC Certifications Phancy and Phaedra

v      2 earned their Field Champion titles with three 5-point majors Phancy and Phaedra

v      1 earned a Dual Champion title Phancy.

v      1 earned both majors toward their Field Champion title Phoebe

v      1 earned their first major toward their Field Champion title Phinnian

v      1 has earned points - Phoenix

v      1 Best in Field earned by Phaedra

v      Phaedra is # 7 Pharaoh Hound.  Phancy is #15 Pharaoh Hound.

ASFA Lure Coursing

v      1 earned a Field Champion title Phancy

v      Pointed with both a 1st placement and a 2nd placement Phaedra

v      Ranked #14 for PHs - Phancy

v      Ranked #1 for PHs in Region 7 - Phancy



LGRA (straight racing)

v      Phaedra is # 1 Pharaoh Hound.  Phlirt is # 9 Pharaoh Hound.

NOTRA (oval racing)

v      Phaedra and Phlirt are tied for #4 Pharaoh Hound.  Phoebe is #7 Pharaoh Hound.




v      I got my CharmedWons website up in April.

v      Phancy earned her Canine Good Citizen (CGC).

v      Bred Phlirt and await puppies in the mid-January 2008

v      3 earned their Herding Instinct Certifications (HIC) Phancy, Phlirt and Phoenix


For 2008 watch for CharmedWons at all of the above PLUS


         regular obedience

         perhaps Freestyle.