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2005 NEWS

Dec 28 Sassy's # 10 Birthday.  Happy Birthday my "old shep".
Dec 25

Merry Christmas and Happy 4 month birthday to the "Beauty and Brains" Litter: Phancy, Phaedra, Phaie, Phrodo, Phaith, Phoenix and Phoebe.

Dec 11

Phaie left to join her new Mom, Judy, in Rhome, Texas.  This little girl will eventually be traveling to Costa Rica with Judy, Ken and the Sunwind Pharaohs as they begin their new endeavor.

Nov 17

Phaedra left with her new parents, Deb and Rick, to start her new life in Brentwood, NY.  I look for news about this girls accomplishments in obedience, conformation, tracking, coursing and racing.  Fortunately she's close enough that I will get to enjoy her as she matures.

Nov 12

Phancy left with her new Mom, Brianna, to start her new life in Georgia.  I look forward to hearing about all this girl will do.  She's going to be doing agility, conformation, lure coursing and racing.

Aug 25

Litter #1 is born!!   5 bitches and 2 dogs.  Mom and pups are doing wonderfully well.

July 30

Phlirt had her ultrasound today and she is definitely pregnant.  Vet sees 4-6 pups.

June 26

12 noon: Phlirt's second frozen AI breeding is done.  I'm still in a state of shock about Phantom.  How could this have happened?

June 25

10am:  Phlirt is bred for the first time via Frozen AI utilizing the Norwegian pipette.  Next breeding tomorrow.  I am so excited!!!


10pm:  TRAGEDY strikes.  My boy Phantom is gone - taken by hemangiosarcoma of the liver.  He was so vital, it was so quick, I just can't believe he's gone.  I can't stop crying.

June 23

Phantom is now a lunatic.  Phlirt has definitely ovulated.  First breeding will be in 2 days.

June 4

Phlirt came into season.

March 19 Phlirt is 4 years old today.  Happy Birthday.

2005 Summary for Phantom:


2005 Summary for Phlirt: