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CharmedWons Accomplishments for 2012

"13 Years in Pharaoh Hounds"


American Kennel Club (AKC)

v      Phelix earned his AKC Championship title

v      Phancy earned her Grand Championship title.

v      Phillip earned a Bred-By Group 3 at all-breed show, this would be his 4th group placement.

United Kennel Club (UKC)

v       Phelix earned his UKC Championship title.




LGRA (straight racing)

v      Phaedra is #2 this year.


 Obedience and Rally

APDT Rally

v     Phelix earned his Rally Level 2 (RL2) title.

C-WAGS Rally

v     Phelix earned two CWAGs titles: CW-SR (Starter Rally class) and CW-ZR1 (Zoom Rally 1 class)




v     Phelix earned his W-FD/MF (WCFO Beginner Musical freestyle) in one weekend!!



For 2013, watch for CharmedWons at all of the above PLUS


         Lure Coursing


         Freestyle (dancing with your dog)


         CharmedWons Litter # 5