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  Health Controversies:

1.  Dew Claw removal or not

  •  Some breeders insist on removal of dew claws mostly for the cosmetic look.  I do not remove them as I feel that they serve a purpose.  The dewclaws on the rear feet served no purpose and therefore with time, Pharaoh hounds no longer are born with rear dewclaws.  The front dew claws are present on every pharaoh hound puppy and I have seen all my pharaoh hounds use them on the coursing field, in my backyard as well as in the house.  Cosmetics is not a good enough reason to have these dewclaws removed.  Anesthesia is not used when they are removed on newborn puppies.  The other reason that folks use to support the removal of dewclaws is that they are concerned that the dewclaws can get ripped off by accident running around.  In 15 years of having pharaoh hounds, I have yet to have any of my dogs or puppies rip or damage a dewclaw.

  •  A Canadian orthopedic veterinarian, M. Christine Zink DVM, PhD, DACVSMR, has treated many performance dogs and has found that those with dewclaws removed are more likely to have "wrist" injuries due to the weakening of the ligaments as a result of the dewclaw removal. and



2.  Age to neuter or spay